Solutions & Services

What are YOU looking for?

If you are sourcing project solutions and support across multiple areas of expertise, you have found the right team!

CUBED is a versatile solution company available to work in a wide variety of locations, including all states in the USA, neighboring islands, all provinces in Canada, and most states in Mexico, Central and South America.

Our solutions and services includes:

  • Providing renewable energy systems with calculated and predictable lifetime energy
  • PV manufacturing: cell lines, module lines, BIPV plants, crystalline technologies (CZ) or thin film.
  • Designing and delivering BIPV
  • Delivering turn-key engineering, procurement and construction (EPC) contracting projects with dependable, local installers.
  • Commercial or utility scale.
  • CZ or thin film, or in a combination with other power generating systems to create hybrid power.
  • Turn-key residential solar systems (BIPV or PV modules).
  • Pv parking canopies (with EV charging, LED lighting, security systems, and advanced lighting controls).
  • Out of the box PV solutions for commercial and residential applications
  • Completing professional and approved energy audits.
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